Here at OnlineJobs, we hear the same hiring concerns over and over:

Please help me find “the one.”
How do I know if my job candidate is really who they say they are?
I’m afraid of hiring a scammer.
Just tell me who’s the best so I can hire them.
I feel like I’m taking a big chance hiring this person...

We’ve answered your concerns with our Background Data Check, included in the Premium Account.

Now you can get to know who you’re hiring - beyond what you see on their resumes - and hire them with confidence.

Using information straight from our database and from Facebook, we identify and track your candidate’s critical behavior patterns, condense the information into a simple report, and deliver that report directly to you.

Our Background Data Report lets you monitor
a potential employee’s behavior in 6 ways:

A side-by-side personal Facebook and profile comparison.

Multiple accounts tracker complete employment history

Past employer’s reviews

Their job application log

Their profile editing log

No more guesswork. Hire with confidence.

Our Background Data Check is available with a Premium Account.

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