5 Killer Strategies To Massively Increase Your Chances of Getting That Job!

I’ve decided to write this article to help all the workers at EasyOutsource. I see so many good people with lots of potential, but very few who present themselves in the best possible way in order to get shortlisted. In my experiences of hiring, I’ve always had to probe and ask about key information that wasn’t present when I read the initial profile.

So pay very close attention and read every word in this training article, and you’ll give yourself the best chance of getting a job and that steady monthly income you deserve.

Tip #1: Have a professional Photo. You’re here on a professional site so don’t be putting pics of you on the beach half naked. If it was a dating site great but you want to be professional from the start. Find a picture of you in business attire or at the very least, crop a headshot so we can actually see your face. Don’t wear glasses, hats or anything that would cover your facial features. One more thing – SMILE! If it looks like an inmate mugshot where you aren’t giving a good energy, don’t expect to get that interview.

Tip #2: Don’t claim to be an expert in everything. I read profiles where a person claims to have 1 year experience yet they are experts in 47 different areas. Immediate write off! Isolate your 2-3 STRENGTHS and write a detailed description of why those strengths will help the person who hires you. For example if you are looking for a VA position and you have better English than most, then really highlight that. Tell employers what your rating is, what topics you’ve written on and what positions you might have worked in or study you’ve done that would separate you from the other thousands of VA’s out there.

Tip #3 Nurture Your Profile. Please, please, please pay very close attention to your profile. It’s the only thing we have to judge you on so if it’s riddled with spelling errors, bad English, grammatical atrocities or even lack of information, you are going to get the boot instantly. Have your profile proof read by an English speaker if needed. Use up most of the space – it’s prime real estate and you need to use it to promote yourself! Provide links to your portfolio, links to past employers references and sample articles you’ve written. Make it EASY for an employer to find out about you! One more thing – it would be really helpful if you gave a MONTHLY expectation of salary. These days, most people are looking to hire per month, not by hour.

Tip #4 (Advanced). This tip I think is a great one but it does require some equipment and a little knowledge of how to use free software. I’m always looking for that personal touch in profiles and rarely see them. So, if you could link to an AUDIO message or even a personalised VIDEO of you in your profile that would immediately tell the employer you are versed in social media and you would build rapport faster than you ever could compared to email. You could talk a bit about who you are, your skills and why employing you is a good decision.

Tip #5 Be Proactive. Keep an eye on new members at the site and start contacting people who are employers. Tell them a bit about yourself in a private message and offer to work for them at a lowered cost or even free for the first week to see if you are a fit. Everyone else is waiting for opportunities to come to them, why don’t you go out and take control of your own path?

I sincerely hope you’ve gotten at least 1 great tip from this article. For more fantastic tips on outsourcing please visit my personal page where I share all my best content absolutely free of charge.

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