John Jonas

John JonasMy name is John Jonas and I do Internet Marketing.

I help business owners learn to outsourcing to the Philippines and replace themselves with virtual assistants.
I founded and own the marketplace to find and hire Filipinos.

I blog on living the 17 hour work week through outsourcing.
I currently employ 11 amazing Filipino workers full-time. I love every one of them. I live in Utah, have a wonderful wife, 4 amazing kids, and golf 4-5 times/week.

I can be found on, Facebook, and Twitter.

Welcome to our Easy Outsource Blog!

Yes!  The breaking news is true! has acquired We are super excited to be here and to work together matching employers and talented Filipino employees! Today we’d like to share a little about who we are and why we decided to acquire Easy Outsource. Who Are We? As the owners of, we envelope and cultivate an array of websites and tools to help employers find, manage and succeed in business through outsourcing to the Philippines. We created … [Read more...]

Philippines Remains the Top US Outsourcing Destination

Using call centers in the Philippines has grown to be the leading solution to both foreign businessmen and the national dilemma of unemployment. Discover why this country made it big in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. America is a powerful country, but that does not mean they are free from grave challenges. The past few years have been highlighted by recessions in the national and the international sphere. The stock market, in fact, the overall economy, stood on quaking … [Read more...]

Why Overseas Businesses Trust the Philippines as Their Outsourcing Destination

The Philippines, a humble little country in the Pacific, is exactly what you need to maximize your outsourcing benefits. They will give you a workforce of quality performance and superior results. If you take a close look at a globe, you will see an interestingly-shaped archipelago called the Philippines, sitting right next to the Pacific Ocean. Keep your eyes focused there, because that is exactly what outsourcing businesses are doing. For so long, those same pairs of eyes had been fixed on … [Read more...]

Tips for Employers on How to Work with Filipinos

Technology has made it possible for the East and West to work together even without leaving their own time zone. More and more foreigners are reaching quality Filipino workers to work for them at reasonable prices. So better opportunities are opening each day for Filipinos giving them the chance to work for foreign employers without having to leave their loved ones (like many overseas Filipino Workers or OFW’s). But recently, I see many ads looking for Filipino workers who are efficient, … [Read more...]

Qualities Employers Look For in an Online Worker

As a business owner, it matters not whether you hire online or offline there are certain traits/qualities that should always be considered before you hire your skilled worker. These can include…but are not exclusive to… Intelligence: You want a creative thinker and problem solver Integrity/honesty: These two go hand in hand. Curiosity: Someone with a thirst to know and understand Complimentary skills: Eliminate individual effort by hiring complimentary skill sets. Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm … [Read more...]

Want to succeed as an online worker? Avoid these mistakes!

Working online is hit or miss.  Sometimes, you really succeed in the business and it becomes your main source of income, while some try it out for a few months and decide to go back to working a 9-5 job.  What makes the difference and what should you do to become the former rather than the latter? There are a lot of common mistakes and pitfalls that online workers commit.  I am guilty of committing a few of them myself.  In order for you to succeed as an online worker, you should be careful … [Read more...]

5 Killer Strategies To Massively Increase Your Chances of Getting That Job!

I’ve decided to write this article to help all the workers at EasyOutsource. I see so many good people with lots of potential, but very few who present themselves in the best possible way in order to get shortlisted. In my experiences of hiring, I’ve always had to probe and ask about key information that wasn’t present when I read the initial profile. So pay very close attention and read every word in this training article, and you’ll give yourself the best chance of getting a job and that … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Project Manager

As an online entrepreneur you understand and appreciate how learning to outsource your many tasks is the key to achieving the freedom and success you so desperately seek. You have gone through all the trouble of searching, interviewing, testing and hiring your skilled outsourced workers. Gaining freedom and time is paramount to you. You are also aware that your mind must be kept free and clear to continue the creative process and come up with ideas that will keep your business evolving on the … [Read more...]

What Kind of Work Should You Outsource?

There is a wealth of untapped talent in the Philippines and you can make that work to your advantage. Instead of poring over papers and doing repetitive tasks by yourself, why not outsource them to a capable and hardworking employee in the Philippines? You can do that quickly and easily with EO. Who Can You Hire? It is a natural leadership trait to want to duplicate your skills in your organization and business. This will help you attend to decision-making tasks in your organization and be … [Read more...]

The different kinds of clients you may encounter when doing online work

Being in the business of online work for two years, I have learned that there are a lot of different clients that exist online.  While it’s safe to say that each client is different from each other, we can more or less group them together based on how they handle workers and projects.  Let’s discuss each type one by one: The demanding client – This client gives you a project and gives you a very tight deadline.  He nitpicks everything that you submit to him, demanding revision after revision … [Read more...]