Should you lower your rates just to get work?

If faced with the same question, my answer would be an obvious “no”.  I don’t think lowering your rates is the solution.  I believe in putting a premium on your work.  If you feel that you deserve to be given a particular rate, then by all means quote that.  However, we should do this within reason.  Your rate should be backed up with the proper skills and experience.  Without the two, you can never hope to charge more than the minimum.  You can check out my other post on reasonable rates to … [Read more...]

The stresses of Freelancing and how to deal with them

No doubt about it, freelancing is stressful.  Sure, it is rewarding and pays more than a regular day job; but the stress that comes along with it is also arguably more than you would encounter in a 9-5 job. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.  There are steps that you can do in order for you to avoid stress.  Let’s identify the stressors and how we can overcome them. You don’t have enough clients or projects – One of the most stressful part of freelancing involves finances. … [Read more...]

The case of the disappearing freelancer

Have you hired a Filipino contractor, assigned them a task, wait a few days for them to complete the task, wait a few more days, email them asking how they’re doing, with no response from them, and never hear from them again? This scenario is very familiar and most definitely annoying, if you are subject to such behavior from a hired worker.  I am a Filipino online worker myself and am highly against this disappearing act from my fellow freelancers.  But oddly enough, this is commonplace and … [Read more...]

Reducing spam in WordPress

If you’re running a website on WordPress, a fantastic content management system, you will find that as your site becomes popular you’ll start to gather more and more spam comments. As a professional web designer, a common question I receive from clients is “How do I reduce the amount of spam I’m getting?” Here’s some suggestions that will eliminate most of your spam. Make sure the Akismet plugin is enabled. If you don’t have it, download it here. You’ll have to get an API Key from WordPress … [Read more...]

What to do if you get invited for an interview

You applied for one of the jobs listed in easyoutsource and apparently, the employer liked your profile and has sent you a message that he/she would want to set up an interview with you.  This is your first interview invitation and you have absolutely no idea what to do next.  Now what? If you are ever faced with an interview invitation, here’s what you should do: Know the employer’s time zone - Check the employer’s profile and find out what country and city/state they live in.  Do your … [Read more...]

Tips on how to write an effective article

One of the more common jobs being posted online nowadays are for article writing.  If you know how to write in English (remember your high school and college essays?), you may have the potential to write an effective article.  An article is considered effective if people read them and like doing so.  The following are some tips on how you could write an effective article: Do your research – Before you even attempt to write an article about a topic, you have to do some research.  No matter … [Read more...]

The 6 secrets to hiring someone online!

I have hired many people for many online jobs, ranging from low-skill data entry to high level programming, and experimented with different methods in the process. How do I know if someone is a good fit? How do I interview? Do I hire full time? Part time? How much do I pay? I will answer all of these questions in this article based on years of personal experience. Of course these are my personal suggestions and your opinions may vary. 1. What do I look for in a profile? After posting a job … [Read more...]

Discover which font is being used in an image

As a web designer, I often need to know what font is being used in a design or logo so I can tell a graphic designer in the Philippines which font should be used. I discovered a really cool site called WhatTheFont that can tell you which font is being used in an image. If you outsource graphic design or web design this will save you a ton of time. Watch the video for a quick lesson. … [Read more...]

Why outsource to the Philippines?

You have heard us recommend that you outsource your work to the Philippines.  So, why the Philippines and why Filipinos? I may not be the best person to write about this.  No wait, on second thought, I think I am.  Shameless promotion of my country, race, and trade aside, I seriously believe that the Philippines is the best country you can outsource your work to.  And why do I think that?  Let me count the ways… Filipinos are the best English-speakers in Southeast Asia – I even daresay … [Read more...]

Employer tips for successful online outsourcing

When hiring or working with an online freelancer, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind as employers.  Below are suggested best practices that you may want to implement when you hire an online freelancer. Make your job description as clear and concise as possible – When you hire an online freelancer, make sure that you outline his/her responsibilities clearly.  If possible, make a list of the work you expect from your worker.  Never expect something because it is implied.  … [Read more...]