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Yes!  The breaking news is true!  OnlineJobs.ph has acquired EasyOutsource.com. We are super excited to be here and to work together matching employers and talented Filipino employees!

Today we’d like to share a little about who we are and why we decided to acquire Easy Outsource.

Who Are We?

As the owners of OutsourcingSuite.com, we envelope and cultivate an array of websites and tools to help employers find, manage and succeed in business through outsourcing to the Philippines. We created ReplaceMyself.com to teach business owners the secrets of our own success in hiring Filipino workers.  When there wasn’t a great way to find Filipino workers remotely, we started OnlineJobs.ph and made labor in the Philippines accessible to everyone. A year ago we created Payments.ph and TimeProof, producing better tools for employers to pay and manage their workers.  And today we are excited to have acquired EasyOutsource.com.

Why acquire EasyOutsource.com?

We’re obsessed with creating the best possible experience for entrepreneurs and small businesses as they search for, recruit, hire, and manage workers in the Philippines.  We believe that by bringing trusted business practices into play at EasyOutsource, we can make it easier for dependable Filipino workers and reliable employers to connect and create great working relationships. By reducing risks for employers and workers, we’ll boost EasyOutsource’s credibility and foster a climate of trust for outsourcing to the Philippines in general.

What Will Be Changing?

EasyOutsource is a good place to find Filipino workers… but we intend to make it GREAT.

EasyOutsource will continue to run as its own site as we use our knowledge, experience, and expertise gained from creating the #1 site for outsourcing to the Philippines (OnlineJobs.ph) to make EasyOutsource even better than it is today.

By making a few key changes to increase security for both employers and Filipino workers, we hope to transform the EasyOutsource trust landscape. We are in the process of implementing these changes already.

  • We’re making it safer for employers to hire from the Philippines by removing problematic workers and helping to verify the good ones.
  • We’re making it safer for Filipino workers to confidently take jobs by eliminating posts from employers who have no intent to pay workers.
  • We’re continuing to grow the user base of both employers looking to hire, and workers looking to work.

Filipino jobseekers will find that as we bring more trusted employers to EasyOutsource, their opportunities to find reliable employment will increase.

Employers will find that as we improve the quality of potential employees, their workload and costs will both decrease, as their productivity increases.

We hope to make EasyOutsource a trusted site where Filipino workers and employers can meet and begin productive working relationships.

We look forward to years of working together!

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