What Kind of Work Should You Outsource?

There is a wealth of untapped talent in the Philippines and you can make that work to your advantage. Instead of poring over papers and doing repetitive tasks by yourself, why not outsource them to a capable and hardworking employee in the Philippines? You can do that quickly and easily with EO.

Who Can You Hire?

It is a natural leadership trait to want to duplicate your skills in your organization and business. This will help you attend to decision-making tasks in your organization and be able to delegate other minor, but still important tasks. You can hire experts in practically every field who can work for you on a per project, hourly, or full time arrangement.
You can browse their resumes online as well as the rest of their skill sets. From there, you can decide which one to hire and initiate contact with them.

Common Fields

Virtual Assistants and writers are two of the most common professions hired in Easy Outsource. This is mainly because Filipino workers have above average English speaking skills compared to other Asian counterparts. This allows them to write articles, research, do copy writing for websites efficiently and effectively. Virtual assistants on the other hand, can do most your administrative and clerical tasks. They can check emails, send emails to prospective clients or customers or handle filing and other tasks. They can also be relied upon for posting to WordPress or Joomla-based websites or even handling your personal itinerary. They can work at US time or you can set up a schedule that’s beneficial to both of you.

The Work You Can Outsource

Data Entry is a basic copy and paste task so you can easily delegate this to someone who is capable so she can organize the data for you or get information from certain websites. This task may seem easy but still it is definitely time consuming.
Research is another task that you can assign someone to do for you so you can concentrate on other more important tasks. Hire someone to check who your competitors are and at the same time, check your target market as well. This way, while you are busy improving your business, you already have a target market waiting for your product or service.

Article writing, let a freelance writer do your blog or even make an eBook. They would be more than happy to write for you. This kind of task needs time so it would probably be best to hire someone who can effectively write for you.

SEO is one of the most important forms of marketing your business, so hire someone who is knowledgeable about this so your website can rank on the first page of all search engines. Hiring a professional to do this for you can really be beneficial for your business.

Link Building is another way to boost your being searchable online. Hire someone to visit link directories and present your website, or visit other free sites and instruct him to make a deal with regards to link exchange.

Customer Service can be done by an equally proficient individual who can effectively handle customer related issues, and can answer inquiries and concerns as soon as possible to avoid your clients from waiting.

Virtual or Personal Assistant is a task that you can assign to someone who is keen on details and someone who is highly organized because she can effectively perform tasks such as organizing and sorting your emails and at the same time set your appointments accurately. You can also ask them to keep your personal and professional calendars always up to date.

Website Management can be assigned to someone with proper knowledge and skill to manage and maintain your website, as well as do your content, approve comments, regulate members and even check forums to see if there are some tactless or improper comments. It is basically hiring someone who can make your website run smoothly and effectively.

Web Design if you want your website to look more appealing to the public, then by all means get a web designer to do this for you.

Web Programming is about asking someone to help you create your website. Getting a freelance web programmer is definitely more affordable than hiring a company.

Accounting can also be delegated to an expert accountant who can efficiently manage your books.
Writing is best done by writers who can creatively make your blogs, web contents, sales and marketing materials, emails and even reports.

Answering Phones, simply set up Skype, Google Voice or a VOIP account and your assistant can be the one to take the calls for you.

Appointment Setting is one task that you can easily assign to someone who is capable of organizing your calendar and schedule.

Sales Calls and emails is another important task that needs to be handled and supervised by someone who can specifically do the task for you as you get busy with other major tasks that your business or organization requires. Before you ask your assistant to take care of the job for you, begin by teaching her in knowing how to effectively look for leads and at the same time get in touch with them either through phone or email or both.

Responding to customer inquiries can be efficiently handled by a professional who has the necessary skills to do the job for you. This is important because it involves dealing with clients so you must be able to get an assistant who is personable and someone is comfortable in talking to people or handling client related concerns. Delegating this kind of task to another person who is as capable as you can allow you to do bigger things for your business.

Order Processing is ideal for someone who is careful with details because this job involves getting orders as well as processing payments. Part of its job description is also to take care of shipments and make sure that products are delivered properly and on time. You need a specific assistant for this because you definitely only want your deliveries and shipments to be smooth, so the assistant for this can make sure that everything is in proper order.

Adwords campaign management can be something very profitable if done correctly. It may take some time to create and may need some effort as it needs to be constantly monitored, but eventually over time when it pays off, you can definitely reap a lot of rewards. Being a business owner or someone with a very hectic schedule, you certainly needs an assistant to do this kind of work for you so it can be monitored and checked regularly.

Progress reporting and client updating is something that you need to do and a type of job that you need someone to assist you with because while it is important as you need to give your clients a monthly update about the status and progress of their money as well as the regular business reports and updates, you definitely have a lot more work to accomplish so this kind of task is ideal to be done by an assistant who is competent.

All these jobs and more can be found at Easy Outsource; and with this you do not need to spread yourself so thin anymore. Enlisting the help of other people who are efficient, competent and highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field of expertise can definitely give you a lot of advantage. You can be assured of more professional productivity as your hands are free to do the more essential and major tasks that your business or organization needs in order to become better and more profitable.

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