Why Overseas Businesses Trust the Philippines as Their Outsourcing Destination

The Philippines, a humble little country in the Pacific, is exactly what you need to maximize your outsourcing benefits. They will give you a workforce of quality performance and superior results.

Outsource to the philippinesIf you take a close look at a globe, you will see an interestingly-shaped archipelago called the Philippines, sitting right next to the Pacific Ocean. Keep your eyes focused there, because that is exactly what outsourcing businesses are doing. For so long, those same pairs of eyes had been fixed on India as their primary outsourcing hub. There’s no question that the people there are educated and capable people who give satisfactory results to their clients, but for several reasons, Filipinos have managed to shift the limelight to their little country.

Today, many of the large BPO operations such as Orbitz.com and Dell have closed in India and reopened in the Philippines. These occurrences are becoming more common since the world noticed the great potential that rests in Filipino workers. In just a couple of years, investors were surprised at the rate Philippine Call Centers have grown.

Plenty of international clients made similar pleasant responses and have claimed to look forward to fruitful years of cooperation. By now, you must be wondering what could be so special about this country that it has earned all of this attention. Don’t underestimate them simply because they are a third-world country.

They have a history and culture that will make you think they were designed to be the perfect outsourcing hub.


We understand that you want to save money without risking your company standards. The economy continues to tiptoe on a tightrope, and it carries you on its shoulders whenever it advances or retreats. Hence, it is important that you make decisions that will bend you rather than break you especially when the economy makes a dive. For this reason, the Philippines have become the most suitable option. The cost of living there is quite low compared to western countries. You can hire more people than you used to because of the cheaper labor fee. It is like hitting two birds with one stone indeed, and you can rest assured that maximizing your budget this way will not degrade the results you will be getting.


Nearly every Filipino is naturally capable, if not fluent, to speak English. It has become part of their culture because of the years they spent being the colony of America. It was, in fact, the Americans who opened education to Filipinos without bias to their financial status. This gave birth to their current educational system that was patterned after that of the American’s. Schools, starting from preparatory years up to college, stress the need for their students to be able to speak fluent English.

This is simplified by the widespread broadcasting of western media even in local television shows. They have adopted these practices into their daily lifestyles and into their working habits. In addition, Filipinos are abounding with talent and youthful zest that are just waiting for the right outlet.

Many college graduates are finding it hard to land a job, and this raises the percentage of unemployed individuals in their country. Call centers have since provided them a good alternative and gives them useful experience in the careers they will choose in the future.

International clients are so pleased with Filipinos, largely owing to their hospitability and flexibility in their client’s needs.


BPO providers in the Philippines are guaranteed the assistance of the national government. The technical Education and Skills Development Authority, with the urging of the government, provide scholarships for those who wish to apply to call centers, regardless if they are high school or college graduates. TESDA trains their scholars and makes sure to hone their skills before sending them out on the field.

When you outsource in the Philippines, you are to receive the support of their government, because you will be helping a great deal in solving their unemployment issues. You have solved your problems, and took care of theirs too.

Tell others all about Philippine outsourcing as the best choice they can make in the BPO industry, and while you’re on the job of promoting it, leave a comment for us to know what you think this shift in outsourcing destinations can do to businesses.

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