Why You Need a Project Manager

As an online entrepreneur you understand and appreciate how learning to outsource your many tasks is the key to achieving the freedom and success you so desperately seek. You have gone through all the trouble of searching, interviewing, testing and hiring your skilled outsourced workers. Gaining freedom and time is paramount to you.

You are also aware that your mind must be kept free and clear to continue the creative process and come up with ideas that will keep your business evolving on the high growth path. You understand the need to leverage your time and hire highly skilled workers to fast track your business to success as well as creating new businesses.

As you begin to implement your first business platform, the realization soon hits that you have more work on your plate than ever. Sure, you have found some highly skilled workers to complete the tasks required for your business to thrive, but now instead of having one person to manage (as in yourself) you have a team of workers eager to please, all waiting for direction from you.

But, you don’t have time and you don’t have freedom. You have simply traded doing the physical tasks of writing, scripting, coding, admin and whatever else your business requires for managing your new team of workers. You have compounded the problem.

There is a simple solution. The solution is to place a project manager to oversee the whole operation, be the delegator, see the projects through to completion and essentially take care of business for you.

Without a project manager in place you will be the one delegating tasks, scheduling meetings, reviewing work, assigning teams and basically doing all the time management. You will be more tied into your business than ever and the freedoms you were after will seem like a fleeting dream.

A great project manager is the key to making your whole operation work efficiently and effectively all the while allowing you to enjoy the freedoms and success that drove you to outsource in the first place. Productive project managers will review each day’s production plans and make sure everyone is clear about their duties and the scheduled milestones that need achieving. They become the “go to” person that your workers will report to when they have issues or problems that need to be dealt with.

Do you really have time to check that every step is completed properly and in a timely manner or answer every question that may come up?

Additionally, a project manager can utilize any tools that you have supplied and make sure they are used effectively.

A great project manager is your secret key to success, but it’s up to you to train them well, making sure they understand the goals of your business plan. You decide what is important for your production success and your project manager is the one that gets it implemented successfully, in a timely manner.

Keep in mind, the clearer your vision is in their minds the easier it will be for them to delegate properly and accomplish your objectives so take time to educate them.

Some of the most important qualities to look for when hiring a project manager are:

  • Leadership. This is the most important skill of all. It takes strong leadership to organize, delegate and manage a team of workers.
  • Good people skills. No matter how skilled your project manager is, if they do not have the ability to “connect” with your team of workers and motivate them, nothing will get done. They must have the ability to get cooperation and collaboration from the team as a whole.
  • Excellent communication. If they can’t get their ideas across how will the team know what is expected? Furthermore, they must be able to relay this information to you in a concise and organized manner.
  • Time management skills. Without proper use of time, you could be paying extra for project tasks that should and could be completed in a shorter duration of time. They must value time and know how to use it properly.
  • Performance skills. Your project manager must be able to assess a team member’s performance. They must be able to answer the questions: is it on the scheduled timeframe and is it staying within budget? It is this leadership that will guide your team towards working together smoothly and efficiently to accomplish the objectives placed before them.
  • Organizational skills. Good organizational skills can move your project forward efficiently and effectively. Organization is where it begins…get this right and you’re off and running….get it wrong and your business suffers from misinformation and confusion and may never get off the ground.

If you have multiple production processes that need completing, a team of skilled workers that need guidance and direction and you find yourself falling farther behind every day…you need a project manager. Realizing the importance of a project manager is the key to fast tracking your business to success, freeing up your mind to create, and enjoying your desired freedoms.

A business without a project manager is like a ship at sea that has lost its ability to navigate. It may know its destination, but not know how to get there. Confusion and misdirection quickly set in.  A business with a skilled project manager is a ship with radar that speeds efficiently and effectively towards its desired destination.

A skilled project manager will bring everything into a cohesive whole and get it running smoothly. They are essentially the heartbeat of your operations.

Remember, if your mind is tied up managing your business then it is not free to create new ideas to grow your business.

Having a highly skilled project manager in place allows you to become the entrepreneur you set out to be, constantly nourishing your businesses with new ideas for growth, expansion and continued success. Isn’t that what you envisioned in the first place?

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