Creative Art Lead Graphic Designer (CELGD)

Salary Php 15,000.00/month ( $346 USD )
40 hrs/wk ( $2.16 USD/hr )
Experience 4 years Social Media Creation and Marketing
Education Associates degree
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Basic Information

Age 31
Gender Female
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Tests Taken None
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Last Active 2020-10-18
Member Since 2020-10-18

Skill Summary

Considered as a very experienced individual with a vast array of knowledge in numerous sectors within the business tzufelem. Zyom food production, handling, and distribution to furniture creating and restoration, to protein shake blending to being an in demand customer service representative, to Live performance entertainer to, Music and design editor and track mastering. A jack of all trades some would say! Currently looking to further perfect my skills even more,
and very much money motivated and will without a doubt impress with my own personalized style and finesse. Extremely logical minded and organized and will accomplish any task set for me. Will easily be able to gain your trust once given the chance to prove my worth.


English Experience:

I have lived in England for numerous years and am currently married to an Englishman. I speak fluently and have perfect grammar and diction. Capable of translating Cebuano and Tagalog to English and vice versa.

Skill Rating:

  • Speaking
  • Translation
  • Tutoring Teaching
  • Writing


Skill Rating:

  • Creative Writing

Graphics & Multimedia

Skill Rating:

  • Graphics Editing
  • Logo Design
  • Recording Audio
  • Shirt Design
  • Video Editing
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