Job Overview

I need a hard working, reliable, result-driven Virtual Personal Assistant to help me with the following tasks:

Personal Assistant

  • Assists in business and personal tasks.

  • Admin support.

  • Coordinates and schedule travel arrangements.

  • Updates calendars.

  • Maintains and updates professional and personal files.

  • Updates trackers.

  • Updates training guides.


NOTE : This is a full-time position.  

To apply, please collect the following required information and submit everything to in one email.

If any of these steps are not completed or questions not answered, your application will not be considered. 

1.) Take the DISC test at: (results from the assessment, in PDF format, should be included in your email to apply both reports the DISC and the Values test).

Provide the 2 reports DISC and Values test - If you'll just take 15 minutes right now, you'll get back a report that will show you how your behaviors affect four areas:

D ecisiveness: your preference for problem solving and getting results.
I nteractivity: your preference for interacting with others and showing emotion.
S tability: your preference for pacing, persistence, and steadiness.
C autiousness: your preference for procedures, standards, and protocols. 

2.  What is your Skype ID?
3.  Can make calls to USA Yes or No?
4.  Do you have a phone to make outbound calls to the US? If so what's that number? What phone   system are you using?
5.  Can speak English fluently? Get ready for an interview via Skype.
6.  Attach Resume.
7.  Picture and bio for website. See example
8.  Need a list of your skills and level per skill
9.  Please confirm that you are available to work from  +10am-7pm  +Monday- +Friday
10. What is your rate per week?

Add me to your Skype :  Sonattacamara

Please advise your level for each noted below:
I.  Social Media posting 
II.  Blogging   
IV. Graphics design
V. Word press
VI. Web page design
VII. Adwords account maintenance 
VIII. Mini-net 
IX. Article marketing 
X. Blog comments 
XI. RSS feeds   
XII. Press Releases   
XIII. WordPress 
XV. Blogger
XVI. Hub pages
XVII. Squidoo


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