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Job Description

I'm looking for someone to handle my daily activities of my real estate business.  

-be a dedicated person (the person i speak to and hire should be my assistant, not someone else)
-have real estate experience
-speak PERFECT english
-ability to learn quick
-some sales experience

-seeking to get involved into the real estate industry
-possess good negotiating skill sets & ability to negotiate contracts/deals (this is a huge plus)

Daily Tasks include:
Tasks and Duties
-coordinate house showings with homeowners, partners, and buyers
-blast out (market) properties on web sites, blog, and mobile
-blast out properties to email list
-write and send contracts to sellers
-accept incoming calls
-reply to web site incoming leads
-follow up calls on certain leads.  also calls if VA's are slacking
-sending out contracts/contract assignments to buyers (include title company contact info)
-call and screen motivated sellers
-in charge of marketing campaigns
-respond to interested buyers (ie/ providing property info, adding to buyers list etc.)
-craigslist ads
-renew/post backpage ads
-follow up on notifinder leads (renew when necessary-clickable link will be provided in email)
-follow up on pending contracts
-run comps and make offers
-further marketing (linkedin posts and other social media to build cash buyers database)
-scan craigslist and backpage for "we buy houses" (cash buyers) to add to buyers list and wholesalers to network with (co-wholesale).

Free time:
call FSBO leads (high end stuff)

**This is a long term position**

Please do NOT apply if:
-you're looking for work only for a few months
-you do not have enough qualifications
-you plan on sharing the work with another employee


If any of these steps are not completed or questions not answered, your application will not be considered. 


1.) Take the DISC test at: (results from the assessment, in PDF format, should be included in your email to apply both reports the DISC and the Values test).


Provide the 2 reports DISC and Values test - If you'll just take 15 minutes right now, you'll get back a report that will show you how your behaviors affect four areas:



D ecisiveness: your preference for problem solving and getting results.

I nteractivity: your preference for interacting with others and showing emotion.

S tability: your preference for pacing, persistence, and steadiness.

C autiousness: your preference for procedures, standards, and protocols. 



2.  What is your Skype ID?

3.  Can make calls to USA Yes or No?

4.  Do you have a phone to make outbound calls to the US? If so what's that number? What phone   system are you using?

5.  Can speak English fluently? Get ready for an interview via Skype.

6.  Attach Resume.

7.  Picture and bio for website. See example

8.  Need a list of your skills and level per skill

9.  Please confirm that you are available to work from  +10am-7pm  +Monday- +Friday

10. What is your rate per week?


Add me to your Skype :  Sonattacamara


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