Job Overview

hi there i am looking for a php developer to work on my website


what you have to do is

  1. login registration is currently working but there is some problem with the password encryption md5 or sha1 you need to sort that out. my skype is: consagaous

  2. forget password is working when you put your email in and system sends an email to the person but when you click on the link there you have to work out and complete it

  3. you need to create a form like this : and create all checks on my website and once submitted you have to make sure it will be saved into my database.

thats all you have to do.

some part of html for this form is already there so you just need to add the functionality.


you can use this tool to create the form :

i am willing to pay $100 as its a 15 hours of work.


mail me if you are interested :


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