Job Overview

We're looking for highly skilled, innovative, energetic, and professional team members to join our team!


You will be responsible for:

Processing emails

Answer incoming calls

Social media

Maintaining database

Updating and maintaining lead tracker


Lead follow up thru the sales cycle

Appointment settings

Call to confirm appointments

Make showing appointments

For interested applicants, please provide the following requirement upon applying for the position:

1.) Take the DISC test at: (results from the assessment, in PDF format, should be included in your email to apply both reports the DISC and the Values test).

2.  What is your Skype ID?

3.  Can you make calls to USA - Yes or No?

4.  Do you have a phone to make outbound calls to the US? If so what's that number? What phone system are you using?

5.  Can speak English fluently?   Get ready for an interview via Skype.

6.  Attach your updated Resume.

7.  Picture and bio for website. See example

8.  Need a list of your skills and level per skill.

9.  Please confirm that you are available to work from  +10am-7pm  +Monday- +Friday

10. What is your rate per week?

Submit all the requirements in one email to:


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