Job Overview

We're looking for highly skilled, innovative, energetic, and professional team members to join our team! Must have reliable internate connection, skype account, and be able to call the USA via VOIP / Skype / Majic Jack / google voice

Vendor Management – sign up with vendors and track the progress, keep ID/PW tracker updated.  Update information at each vendor site and update the spreadsheet
Lead Generation - online marketing / Social Media marketing / Landing Pages /
Email Management - process incoming emails / add to social invite / add as contact in gmail / add to calendar the events / file emails in folders once processed

Database Management - keep spreadsheets updated and maintained
Social Media Management - accept and make invites / daily posting /


To apply, please collect the following required information and submit everything in one email. If any of the steps are not completed or questions not answered, your application will not be considered.

1.) Take the DISC test at: (results from the assessment, in pdf format, should be included in your email to apply both reports the DISC and the Values test)

Provide the 2 reports DISC and Values test -  If you'll just take 15 minutes right now you'll get back a report that will show you how your behaviors affect four areas:
D ecisiveness: your preference for problem solving and getting results.
I nteractivity: your preference for interacting with others and showing emotion.
S tability: your preference for pacing, persistence, and steadiness.
C autiousness: your preference for procedures, standards, and protocols.
What is your Skype ID?
Can make calls to USA Yes or No?

Do you have a phone to make outbound calls to the US? If so what's that number? What phone system are you using?
Can speak English fulently – will have a phone interview via Skype
Resume please attach
Picture and bio for website. See example
Need a list of their skills and level per skill

Please confirm that you are available to workfrom  +10am-7pm  +Monday- +Friday

What is your rate per week?

Add me to your Skype Sonattacamara

I. Social Media posting
II Blogging


IV. Graphics design

V. Word press

VI. Web page design

VII. Adwords account maintenance

VIII. Mini-net

IX. Article marketing

X. Blog comments

XI. RSS feeds

XII. Press Releases

XIII. WordPress


XV. Blogger

XVI. Hub pages


XVII. Squidoo


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