Job Overview

This is a part time job, you would create directory sites like this:

The template I use comes with demo information only,
your job would be to simply take the demo info and make into a demo company so for example
an attorney business listing would look like this

You can copy and paste most of the information except the city and address,
this you would have to make up an address for that particular directory city
so for example if the city is Los Angeles you would create the listing for
Los Angeles Attorneys and so on for each business listing,

So most of this is copy and paste except the city and address, you would need the address
so it shows up on the website and the main listing.

I have a lot of sites that need to be developed but performance and quality is very important.

The work is only 2 hours a day 5 days a week to see how much you can get done,
more hours and more work is on the way depending on your works skills as we progress.

This is very easy work if your familiar with WordPress.

The salary is $25/week to start and easily goes up if the speed and quality is there.
Payment is with PayPal and paid each Friday, if interested email me.

Best of luck,


Skills required:

• Webmaster
   - Content Management
   - Cpanel
   - Css
   - Wordpress

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