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Job Overview

We are a US based bookkeeping firm with hundreds of small business clients using QuickBooks Online. We want to keep growing but need help with the most time consuming part of the work- entering and accepting transactions and reconciling the accounts to the bank and credit card statements.

We are looking for people who are familiar with QuickBooks Online bookkeeping and understand the basic rules of accounting. You can brush up if needed with our training and by using Youtube and other resources we can provide for training, but we expect you to have a basic level of understanding of the process and a great attention to detail. You must also be extremely reliable, ethical and trustworthy as you will be given access to financial statements.

The pay is based on projects- each project will pay a minimum of $4/US and some as much as $100/US with most averaging $8-$16, which you should be able to complete at a rate of about $4/hour or possibly faster- ie, a $8 project should take you about 2 hours or less to do. If you can do it faster, your effective hourly rate increases. Note however- each project is going to be quality checked by us and sent back for corrections without additional pay for that project so rushing through but doing it wrong won't work or get you paid more. If you have too many corrections required, you will no longer be offered any projects. We have enough projects to keep 3-4 people busy for a month full time and you can take as many projects as you can complete successfully, so you can work more than 40 hours a week if you choose. The work will be given to those who do the best job overall. If a project takes longer than you expected, there is no extra pay, so it's up to you to budget your time and your error checking.

Each project will have a value assigned to it and once completed you will have that added to your pay. We pay twice a month via paypal and we will keep a list of all your successfully completed projects in a shared folder so you will know exactly how much you have earned each period.

For the projects you will be given your own log in to our QuickBooks Online account, with access to the client data, as well as PDF copies of the statements needed to reconcile. You will need to use the prior history, Google searches, plus any additional instructions we provide to correctly classify expenses and income. You must be able to enter and classify all transactions, including transfers between accounts, payments from invoices, payments on bills, and using undeposited funds to match deposits to the amounts on the bank statements.

This is an EASY job if you have some experience and are willing to do some self training along with some help from us. We are happy to help and train so you can improve and we want you to succeed but the best candidates will have prior experience with small business bookkeeping.

Skills required:

• Finance & Management
   - Accounting
   - Bookkeeping

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