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Job Overview

Summary of Responsibilities
Paraprofessional assists the professional staff by providing offshore bookkeeping, client correspondence, and other services for staff and clients. Candidate will be considered a full staff member including communication with clients. High English writing proficiency is required.

Essential Functions
1. Become familiar with firm policies & procedures
2. Perform bookeeeping and payroll services for clients.
3. Prepare workpapers, including trial balance, depreciation schedules, and amortization schedules.
4. Prepare engagement correspondence.
5. Prepare sales tax returns for clients
6. Prepare payroll tax returns for clients
7. Assist in maintaining project tracking system

Other Functions
8. As assigned from time to time by partners or professional staff.

Working Conditions
11. Dial-in remote in-office work, performing various tasks concurrently & simultaneously
12. Moderate to low overtime required throughout the year. High level of overtime may be required during tax season.

Required Experience
13. A basic understanding of accounting, bookkeeping or tax preparation is required. Candidate is encouraged, but is not required, to have at least an associate’s degree in accounting.

Company Profile
14. Company is classified as a mid-sized accounting firm by revenues. Currently 6 accounting professionals, one paraprofessional and three administrators. Prepares tax returns for 1,100 individuals 400 business entities annually.

Firm management has the right to revise this job description at any time. This description is not a contract for employment, and either you or the firm may terminate employment at any time for any reason.

Skills required:

• English
   - Speaking
   - Writing

• Finance & Management
   - Accounting
   - Bookkeeping
   - Payroll
   - Tax Preparation

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