Job Overview

We’re Hiring A Project Manager
If you’ve got talent burning a hole in your pocket, wishing your job really made use of
your skills, you might be just the person I’m looking for.

I’ve got a ton of exciting new projects in the works this year…so many that I need a hand
to get them all done.
A few questions, if I may…
` Are you a Type A and proud of it?
Do you love learning new platforms and programs, as long as they work?
` Are you a competent personality wrangler? In other words, you get along well with
others, but you also get things done.
` Are you the one that friends go to for help, when their shortcut didn’t work?
` Do you love watching from the back of the stage, knowing that the show was able to
go on because of all your behind-the-scenes work?
I’m looking for a Project Manager to serve as the control center for all the exciting
expansion happening with my brand…not just this year, but beyond.
That’s right…this is a full-time remote position.
` Not a part-time gig.
` Not a consulting contract.
An honest-to-goodness full-time opportunity that, it just so happens, you can do from
I don’t need you to be an Internet marketing expert yourself. I can teach you all that.
(That’s what I do, after all.) But I do need you to have a solid understanding of how online
marketing works, including lead magnets, opt-in pages, sales pages, email marketing
processes, webinars, Facebook marketing, etc. (If any of those phrases are brand new to
you, this likely is not the perfect position for you.)

I’ll be straight with you: This position has high expectations.
But if you’re the person I’m looking for, you’re the type who gets motivated by high
Thinking this gig is tailor-made for you? Read on to learn more.
` The Project Manager is the nucleus of each project. He/she will be held responsible for
how well things get done in the project.
` The Project Manager will evaluate each project daily to make sure it’s on pace, and
prioritize the product flow as needed.
The Project Manager is in charge of expanding and contracting the team as needed for
each project. (For example, during a launch more programmers and designers will be
needed. It’ll be your job to find, direct and manage them.)
` The Project Manager works with team members such as the paid traffic manager,

funnel manager, affiliate manager, customer service manager, copywriter,
programmers, etc.). These are people working on other projects at the same time, and
the Project Manager will be responsible for getting status updates from them daily.
` Project Manager is responsible for making sure SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure)
are followed and deadlines are met by each team member.
` The Project Manager reviews each increment to make sure it’s a working increment (i.e.
an increment can be an opt-in page).
` The Project Manager manages the ‘Task Board’ (The ‘Task Board’ is project scope
broken down by: Committed Task, Tasks Not Started, Tasks in Progress, Tasks
Completed and is updated daily.)
` The Project Manager will run the “Daily Stand Up” to make sure their team members
are focused and moving forward on the right task board item. What’s the Daily Stand
Up, you ask? It’s a 15-minute daily meeting where the Project Manager discovers 3
What was accomplished since the last daily standup
What is going to be accomplished before the next stand up
What is holding them back from accomplishing their tasks.
` The Project Manager will also do a Daily Stand Up with brand owner/leadership.
(That’s me.)
` The Project Manager tests everything, serving as the final check before something
goes live.
` The Project Manager is responsible for knowing if the work being delivered by the
team is on brand and of appropriate quality.
` The Project Manager will QC each task to ensure that it is ready to publish. And if it’s
not, the Project Manager will require more work on the task.
Here’s who this position is not for:
` Those looking for a “side job” while growing their own business, then this isn’t for you.
` People who have a lot going on already, and don’t have the time and focus needed to
create quality content.
` The people who haven’t read a non-fiction book (or podcast or blog) about business,
marketing in a very long time.
` Those who aren’t willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
` Those who prefer to be front-facing content creators.
However, this position is for a person who:
` Is resourceful.
` Can handle stress and tight deadlines.
` Works very well with other people and can build rapport quickly with both team
members and vendors.
` Has great attention to detail and brand quality.
` Is not locked into just working 9-5 but embraces a “until it gets done” attitude.
` Is a high-functioning communicator.
` Is organized.
` Takes ownership and pride in their work.
` Is not afraid of new challenges.
` Loves learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly.
` Adapts really well to changes on-the-go.
` Is technology savvy.
` Can handle direct & blunt feedback.
` Can juggle lots of moving pieces while staying collected.

Here’s what the right person will love about this position:
1. You’ll be paid to do what you already get a kick out of: learning new ways to make
things work.
2. You’ll get to do your work from anywhere: your living room, the coffee shop, a hotel
pool, a blanket fort…
3. You’ll get to work in a fast growing online training company, where there are loads of
growth opportunities (both right now and in the future).
4. You’ll learn the ins and outs of online marketing, content development, and building a
brand with a massive audience online.
5. You’ll also see “behind the scenes”
6. You’ll be part of a company that Helps people take that next step to improvement
Sound like what you’ve been looking for?
Fill out this short survey* and send it our way.
We’ll be reviewing applications over the following weeks. Can’t wait to hear from you! (note: when you reply quote the reference: 'amber99')

Read this before getting started!
The goal of this survey is to give you the opportunity to share insights into your skills
and experience while keeping brevity in mind. (We will receive hundreds of surveys, so I’ll
appreciate your brevity more than you know!) The key is to stand out with your content,
not its length. I am looking forward to getting to know you.
1. After reading the job description, why do you feel you are a strong fit?
2. Share one highlight of the last project you worked on. What made it a success?
3. Tell me about your favorite project you’ve ever worked on and what part did you play
in it?
4. We all run into challenges while working on projects. Share with me one challenge
you’ve experienced and how you worked through it.
5. Do you have experience working with programmers, designers and the other members
of a virtual, technical team? If yes, briefly tell me about it.
6. Here’s a scenario for you: While working on a project, one of your programmers has
missed their deadline for 3 days in a row and you no longer have any grace period. The
work MUST get done TODAY. What do you do?
7. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) what is your level of knowledge with internet
marketing strategies?
8. Do you listen to podcasts or read blog posts? If so, what are some of your favorites?
9. Do you have a Facebook Page or Profile? If so, please post a link below.
10. What is your desired salary?
11. Give us your contact information so we can reach out to you if we’d like to set up an
a. Name d. Country
b. City e. Email
c. State f. Phone number
12. Is there anything else I should know about you?


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