Job Overview

Thank you for your interest in this position!

We are developing a mobile game and we're looking for an artist who can take detailed descriptions of creatures and the lore of a living world and turn them into fun, colorful dragons - a LOT of dragons. As our illustrator you will also create a small number of backgrounds and, far simpler, buttons and UI elements.

There is no ambiguity about what you will need to create: everything will have a detailed description and dimensions before you are asked to work on it.

Here is the approximate volume of this project:
~700 total sprites, 300x300px. Many of these will be small variations of each other and we are attempting to minimize the number of "base" sprites in order to reduce total work. No animation of these sprites is required.
~14 half-screen backgrounds of varying themes.
~50 UI elements ranging from buttons to sliders to pop-ins.
~15 small, animated visual effects.

The "dragon-loving" part is important, since those 700 sprites are ALL going to be dragons!

If we find that working with you is going well, you will be our primary candidate for further work as we build expansions for the game.

In order for your proposal to be considered, you MUST submit work you have created in the past.

If you are right for the job, we will provide you with an opportunity to audition by creating 4 sample sprites.

One of the most vital aspects of this job is excellent and frequent communication with us. This job should include a two-way stream of feedback - not only us evaluating your work as you progress, but you helping us help you. At the end of the day, we want killer sprites, and we understand that we might be able to better empower you to create them if we can speak openly with each other.

Where can we see prior work you've completed?
Do you have any questions about the job description?
What questions do you have about the project?
What's your favorite dragon in media (books, movies, games, etc.)?

Skills required:

• Graphics & Multimedia
   - Graphics Editing

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