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We are Manikin Talent Agency, specializing in booking models, actors, singers and dancers in every state of the US and also internationally.

We have too many applications and not enough directors to interview talent!

Currently, we employ 6 full time staff from the Philippines.

We are looking for several Filipino staff who LOVE people and love to have fun!!

We are a family company and are looking to build a staff that will be with us for a long time!

Must have:

1.excellent ENGLISH and communication skills


3.strong internet connection

4. Someone who is outgoing and NOT shy!!

5. Must have a quiet area without distractions to conduct skype live interviews.

6. Staff must be able to log onto skype and conduct interviews via skype.

Each interview has the same format and style of questions, but each person you meet is different, so each experience will be different and FUN! You would be helping people with their DREAMS, so this is FUN and very rewarding!!!!

There is NO selling, Strictly interviewing potential talent and going over the paperwork and requirements they must complete.

Typical hours to be online are 6 am-10 am PH time ( 6pm-10pm USA time) Monday- Friday, however we always need staff on Saturday and Sunday. Upon hiring, you'll be able to input your desired schedule days.

PAY: Each Interview conducted- (takes approx 30 minutes or less) $3 USA ( potential of $5/hr)

When they complete their paperwork for the agency, you receive a $2 USA bonus per person.

Website and APP are: Manikin Agency
We also have an IG account: Manikin Agency

Serious Applicants ONLY who fit the qualifications and have availability 6am-10am PH time (preferred schedule - other hours may be considered).

Contact: Mary Aphrodite
Availability 6am-10 am PH time
internet connection speed
How long you are wanting to work? Permanently?
Are you outgoing?
When can you train and start working?
Have you read our website and app?

Skills required:

• English
   - Speaking
   - Writing

• Customer Service & Admin Support
   - Customer Support

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