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please visit my wordpress website and advise if you can handle this job or not

If you have the experience, please apply and if you do not, Please do not apply for this job and later we may have something for you that could fit your experience level

First: I need a Password Protected Catch Page added to the website. Home Page should have 8 pages Scrolling across

1. Create American Real Estate Investments (AREICLLC) Email Drip Campaign: There is 38 email series that'll need to setup on our auto-responder account, (mail Chimp) and when someone signup on our website for free guide they will start receiving that emails automatically in every 5 days:

2. Primary SEO: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is required for all business website to get indexed by google and other search engine properly which should include Meta title, keywords, description, google analytics install, xml sitemap, search engine submit, SEO friendly url etc:

Key words: Real estate Investing, Real Estate Investment Trust, REIT, Real estate Investment Club, Crowd Funding,

3. Social Media Profile setup: create social media page for my business such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus, youtube page and adding on our website.

4. REIT INVESTMENT PAGE: Where client can make payment from our website such as paypal, nqqumq.dfr etc and people can invest direct from website: (payment gateway integration)

5. Sales/Sequenze page: There is two page, one is sales page or capture page which asking name and email from your customer and sent to your autoresponder. and other one is exit page which customer can see after inserting their name and email on capture page. Exit page includes video, free guide, and Company Telephone number.

Reit Page will consist of a real time up to date investment update similar to page below:
also add Investor's Dash Board etc... again see page for this feature: kbhba://bifasg.vasdktomwbse.vyspnzmf/jn/nknos/splzlmrow#kciheal_zzep

Crowd Funding Strip Mall

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

We have a real estate investment club and we are developing a strip mall in Phoenix Arizona for accredited investors in the form of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

Now you can have a strip mall in your portfolio with as little as 25,000 USD a Unit

Minimum Involvement: 25,000 USD
1,000 out-standing units
Maximum Participation: 100 units

Please advise your level of Participation email: rmxk@cgwarjmd.skb
thanks American Real Estate Investment Club

Skills required:

• Web Development
   - Wordpress Development

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