Job Overview

Depending on your skill set, you will do one to all of the tasks below:

Assign pre-found keywords to a topic (Topics like: Brand, Product, etc...)
From the pre-found lists of keywords, remove irrelevant ones (If the topic is car seats then a keyword like [television] would need to be removed)
From the pre-found lists of keywords, remove keywords that are too similar to other keywords in the same list (Keyword [samsung tv] with a search volume of 1000 searches per month is in the list and another keyword, [samsung tvs], is in the list with a search volume of 500. Those keywords are too similar and the one with the lowest search volume, [samsung tvs], with 500 search volume would be removed.
Create H1 article title (More of a content writing task, though it will be simple because the article titles will come from templates)
Assign email niche (Simple tasks that everyone would be able to do)

Pay to be between $3-$7 an hour for many hours each week as a long term job. The people who provide high quality work for the lowest rate will get the most hours. This knowledge has been used, and effective, for some of the best companies in the world, so these skills will also be a great resume builder.

You will need to work a 2-4 hour shift between 8am - 7pm Central Time (Chicago IL USA)

Will be provided training videos

Let me know:
What possible hours you could work in Central Time?
Time converter which already lists Chicago time, simply just add your time zone gnlpn://lwv.nflejopjmgv.jkg/plcjyikvjq/jugxgdsti.eyrt?obf=69936256E927273&t7=76

Are there any tasks, listed above, you think you would not feel confident in doing?

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

Skills required:

• English
   - Writing

• Marketing & Sales
   - SEO

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