Job Overview

Are you a fast worker who can create fun original designs as simple as these?

Designs are either text or with simple graphics. The job is easy.

You create 50 designs a day with the sayings or links I provide. You have to take underlying idea and create your designs, new and I'm sure much better one.

signs, fonts, images that you use should be free for commercial use. Do not copy other people's work.

If you know Photoshop, I have other projects where you can use action scripts to work efficiently. It's not mandatory but let me know if you know Photoshop action.

Work week - Mon to Fri flexi hours as long as you deliver 50 designs a day
Pay per week - $60 + 13th month bonus
If you can deliver more per day, I can increase the payout accordingly

We will start with a small project and if you produce quality work, you can join our team.

Reply with the subject line: "Graphic Designer Easy Job"

Skills required:

• Graphics & Multimedia
   - Graphics Editing
   - Logo Design
   - Print Design

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