Job Overview

=== About us and what we expect ===
We are a retirement consulting company in Australia, searching for the right individual who has rich experience and skills in video editing, in particular for YouTube videos. This is a huge opportunity for you as our work will offer not only YouTube video editing jobs but also various types of other videos like online courses, which will last over several years. If you are selected and perform well, you will have the high-income, ongoing, and stable jobs from us.

We are looking for someone with:
* Rich experience in video editing. Please show us your portfolio.

* Talent in design and creativity

* Willingness for ongoing work-relationship. We want to start our YouTube channel and aim to be posting regular videos (2 per week, each video takes about 10-15 mins).

* Professional, easy on the eye, classic, and timeless look for our videos. Our target audience is likely to be mature (40-80 yo) and wealthy and we would like you to keep that in mind.

* On-time delivery

=== What will you be doing ===
Your role will be editing videos; each video lasts between 10-15 minutes in length and in 4K quality (we record in 4K). You will be given the video and audio files, the script and all images (logos, pictures, tables etc.) to be shown in the video. All our videos should follow the same structure (intro, hook, transition, main part, outro).

What we need you to do is:
* Design intro (animated logo will be given, one-off work that will be used in subsequent videos). Introd needs to include our colours and our slogan. Again it has to be timeless, elegant and especially unique. We are not after some After Effect template. It should be about 8 sec long and underlaid with music.

* Edit transitions, underlying with music

* Design caption box (for example to blend in the name of the presenter, same caption the be used in all videos)

* Blend in information (lists or similar)

* Insert pictures (if required)

* Color matching if required

* Design outro (same outro to be used in all videos): Same as the Intro, should be timeless, elegant and unique. It should include “Thanks for watching”, the subscribe button, links to our website, facebook, instagram, twitter, dqjcqdIp. Kh should be 15 sec long and be underlaid with music.

* Correct audio if required (we will provide you with room sound)

=== Output ===
4K video that is ready to upload to YouTube.

=== Your application ===
* Please provide us with your previous work samples of video editing, as well as a quick note about yourself and qualifications.

* After reviewing all applications, we will contact selected applicants for a 10-min Google Hangout interview.

Skills required:

• Graphics & Multimedia
   - Video Editing

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