Job Overview

Our North American eco-product business is looking for a skilled sales call agent to join our
team as a Sales Representative. We need an enthusiastic individual who can help following up
with leads and educating potential clients about the products we offer. The successful candidate
for this role must have excellent English, both written and spoken, and have at least 3 years
experience in tele/online sales with excellent customer service skills and a solid understanding
of the sales process. Base pay plus a commission structure applies.

- Make at least 70 sales call from lead list daily
- Keep well-detailed CRM database
- Provide daily and weekly reports

- Must be 18 years of age or older
- Must have at least 3 years full-time experience with an American company
- Ability to remain professional and courteous with customers at all times
- Must be available to work during North American business hours. Each shift is for the
duration of 6.5 hours and is able to take 30 minutes break. Your 6.5-hour shift will either be:
9:00 P.M. to 3:30-A.M (12:00-12:30 break) or
11:30 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. (2:30-3:00 break)
(indicated in Manila local time).

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills
- Must have your own computer and access to a stable and fast internet connection with
download speed minimum at 10 Mb/s +. If you have frequent internet or power outages in
your area, please do not apply.
- Someone who is responsible to stay on a task without needing to be micromanaged
- Must be able to work from home and have a Private work room - There should be no
sound of farm animals, other people (including babies), or TVs in your work area

Desirable but not essential
- Experience with using VOIP telephone systems
- Google sheets and CRM software skills

Applications must include:
- Resume
- Written Cover Letter, explaining why you wish to work for our company
- Audio track introducing yourself and telling us in a few sentences about your work history
(no more than 3 minutes long)

Please submit the above to awjnp@bmoqyzlgl.gvq, with the subject line Job Description & (your
name). Please begin your cover letter with the salutation Dear Hiring Manager.

********Please note, this is a full time position and does not allow for other work to be performed
during the hours that you are employed by the company*******

Skills required:

• English
   - Speaking
   - Writing

• Marketing & Sales
   - Lead Generation
   - Sales Representative
   - Telemarketing

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