Job Overview

We are a progressive Digital Marketing agency in Dallas Texas with the desire to build a long-lasting relationship with an SEO Virt Asst and Backlink Expert. We ONLY employ mostly whitehat and some greyhat ALL our backlink building is required to be manual. NO SPAMMING WITH SENuke or Scrapebox to post comments...this is a REQUIREMENT.

While we do use automated tools like SB, we only use them for harvesting....NOT for posting. Using tools like Roboform to automate form fill-outs is OK also...makes our lives easier...but is not spamming. We work with a lot of high-profile clients in Dallas and CANNOT afford to damage their online reputation with spammy links.

Please provide us with your experience at backlink building and SEO experience in general as well as your very competitive rates. We will utilize you in a probationary 30 day cycle...if that works out, their could be a much longer relationship after that.
We are looking to hire right away!


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