The Fast and Secure Payment Method has partnered with to offer an easy payment solution! money transferFour simple steps – that’s all it takes to send money to your workers with the money transfer service. No extra transaction fees, bank deductions, maintaining balances, and no long waiting times on both sides of the fence.

You may be wondering how such a service exists, considering that most traditional money transfer services require minimum withdrawal amounts, monthly charges, bank deductions, and a 3-5 day waiting period before the money is sent and deposited to one’s bank account.

In other words, to send money for services rendered or to receive money for your hard work, there is always a price to pay.

But – with all its benefits, features, and ease of use – does exist, and it aims to eradicate all of these problems with a simple, fast, and convenient online money transfer system. If you’re looking for a simplified, secure, and convenient way to pay your workers, or a fast payment option for your freelance business, read on.

Launched in 2009, is a global money transfer service that’s designed to simplify the payment process between the employer and the worker. This online service enables employers to pay their hired workers through a fast, secure, and most importantly affordable way. There are no forms to fill out and no monthly charges to pay.

The entire process can be summed up in four simple steps:

The client signs up for a
The client links and verifies the payment source.
The client issues a debit card to the intended recipients.
The client transfers payment.

A client can issue up to eighteen (18) debit cards, an ideal number for a small to medium-sized remote team of workers. What’s more, remittances are sent and tracked in real time, which means you can send money within minutes and monitor all of your transactions through your account at any time of the day. It’s that easy.

As for the worker, s/he won’t have to worry about long waiting times or transaction fees any longer. There’s only an SMS notification to look forward to after the employer has sent his or her payment. S/he can then use the issued card as an ATM card to withdraw, or as a debit card for retail purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted.

The Best Part? You don’t need to open a bank account to use the debit card. It is linked to more than 8,000 Bancnet, Megalink, and Expressnet ATM’s located within the Philippines and anywhere the Plus/Maestreo networks are available worldwide. This means you can withdraw payments whenever there’s an ATM within reach without worrying about expensive withdrawal fees at the dollar level. And thanks to its tie-up with Banco de Oro Philippines, withdrawals made at BDO ATM machines are absolutely free of charge.

Sending and receiving payments for freelance services shouldn’t be an expensive, tiring, and stressful endeavor. This is the number one problem solves for both the client and the freelancer. So, if you’re ready to get out of the pool of monthly fees, insecure transfer systems, and long waiting times, visit to get started now.


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