We change lives...

And we don't say that just to brag. But really, outsourcing is a transformative experience for both employers and workers. We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs who have been able to change their businesses, and their personal lives, with the freedom they create for themselves by leveraging outsourcing.

Here are just a few success stories from some of the entrepreneurs we've had the pleasure of working with:

Dear John and Dan,

I wanted to let you know how incredible my Virtual Assistant is that I found through OnlineJobs.Ph. I had been using other freelancer sites, spending a lot of time and money trying to find new people, with hit-and-miss results. After learning about your site from Chalene Johnson, I knew this would be the place to get quality help.

Arlo, my Virtual Assistant for the past 3 months that I found through you, takes the cake. He is all I could want in an assistant, and more, and in a price range I can afford as someone who is very new in my business. His En glish is impeccable, capturing the nuance and style of language needed to take creative control with repurposing my content into multiple social media platforms. He is versatile, prompt, and incredibly eager to learn and take on new tasks. I'm so thankful that even as a new entrepreneur with a day-job, I can afford to free up my time in key areas to focus on other things in my business. Plus, the work he does in social media is usually much better than I could do!

Thanks, OnlineJobs.ph!

Mariah Secrest-Comer

“Likewise John. Love the work you're doing at OnlineJobs.ph. I've had amazing success with building my virtual team.”

Kimberly Jimenez

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“I posted two jobs for hiring 3 VA’s and got 285 applications in the last 24 hours.”

Dennis Yu

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“I…get skilled help from people who want to do good work in exchange for providing them with an income that could change their lives.”


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“From OnlineJobs.ph, I was able to hire two VAs who are currently with me. They really did revolutionize the game and made managing my business easier.”

Travis Marziani

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“I hired an amazing virtual assistant/ web designer through this service and she works for me about 25 hrs per week. Fantastic and professional employees with English better than people I've hired in Canada.”

Adina Zaiontz

“After browsing thru OnlineJobs.ph, I found that I can screen individual faster and more accurately with IQ & Disc profiling. And most of the candidates are better educated contrast with locals here..”

Tan Shiwei

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“To tackle all those low value or repetitive tasks in our business and this is the same website that we have all of our students use when they’re going through our outsourcing course and that website is onlinejobs.ph.”


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“For years I’ve had the pleasure of helping small and medium-sized business owners enjoy their businesses again by introducing them to virtual assistants.”

Dean Soto

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“I currently have 3 AMAZING VAs that I found on onlinejobs. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Just like any job, there are good and some that are not so good candidates. It's process but once you find the right one, your working life will never be the same..”

Brigitte Benge

“So in the world of growing a business online or you know in real life, you’re gonna need spare time to continue to expand your business.”

Bodie Davison

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Your service has been GREAT for hundreds of my agents. I've been following you for almost 10 years now. Thanks so much.

Christopher Westfall

“So yeah, definitely, if you’re at all ever going to hire a virtual assistant, definitely Onlinejobs.ph. That’s just the go-to resource for people that are actually going to be on board, on your team, long term. ”

Matt Loberstein

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“Use OnlineJobs.ph. I found it to be a business mentor recommended it to me i’m so grateful for that recommendation and it’s the advice I’d give to any entrepreneur and I have! I’ve given the advice to several of my friends.”

Catherine Moolenschot

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“We owe a lot to our Filipino staff, and in turn to Onlinejobs.ph for connecting us. Thank you John Jonas and team!”

Brad Vandenberg

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“We have 2 full time employees from onlinejobs.ph and they are awesome! Highly recommend this site!”

Todd N. Thompson

“I came across onlinejobs.ph, and ever since I’ve been using it for the past just over a year it has completely changed my life. The workers that I’ve hired through onlinejobs.ph are all virtual assistants to me.”


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“I hired my first VA from your site almost 2 years ago. Best worker ever! Thanks!”

Jeanette Paine Stein

“I used onlinejobs.ph to find my full-time writer and I'm getting ready to hire a full time social media member to my team. This is an awesome site and highly recommend them.”

Brandon Mix

“Onlinejobs.ph is hands down the best place to get Filipino workers for your business and you’re gonna get really good rates and they’re actually really hard workers and pretty trustworthy.”


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“My number one goal is to teach all of the tactics that the fake gurus try to sell you, for free…I’m tired of the overpriced info products sold through overhyped webinars.”

Miles Beckler

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"John taught me the ropes and I've been outsourcing to the Philippines successfully for 6 years now."

Nate Woodbury

“Once I got the support piece figured out, I was able to focus on sales…and now I am creating faster than ever before. I plan on continuing to build my business with the help of my Filipino team.”

Jesse L. Razo

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“Anything you can do, they can do! Onlinejobs.ph is a great value for your money.”

Matt Hollie

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“Put simply at the start of the year I bit the bullet and registered a business name and registered for Onlinejobs.ph.”

Ross Lumbus

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“Touching video. Im a long ago customer of John and his replace myself course since back in 2009,and Ive been using Filipinos ever since. Thanks for mailing me the candy and photo of your family. It was a nice touch”

Beats Planet

“I hired CoachBem Mejares Tumang throuh this and HE IS A KILLER EMPLOYEE! Absolutely hardworking, gets the job done on time and has even made suggestions to my work that has caused me to increase sales. THANKS BENJAMIN! And thanks OnlineJobs.ph!”

Shawn Quintero

“The quality and consistency I receive from my employees makes me very happy with my decision to use OnlineJobs.ph and I will use the service again as we continue to grow! This was the best decision I could have made for my business and my personal life.”

Warren Workman

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“I now use 4 staff from OnlineJobs.ph. It’s revolutionised my small company - feel free to ask me questions!”

Rosco Faulkes

“After the first interview I knew I found our dream employee and set-up a second interview! Her goals were right in alignment with our company and we hired her immediately.”

Brielle Slate

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“In order for you to get closer to your goal of freedom, you have to let go and delegate. You cannot be doing every little step inside of your business. ”

Ryan Smith

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Well, our story began in November 2015, and Mariah actually contacted me first, and just at the right time when I was looking for a job. She saw my profile and she said she was impressed by my English. I replied to her message, and she gave me a great hourly rate offer, so I said yes!

She was actually my first legit employer, with the screenshots, timer, and everything. I learned a lot of things from doing the tasks Mariah asked me to do, and I'm really thankful for having met her. She runs a fitness business, so I get to learn a lot about exercise doing the things she asks me to do. I learn so much that whenever I see my friends I often tell them, "oh, you know my boss Mariah says that you should do this to be more fit," or "you shouldn't do this." It's amazing.

Through onlinejobs.ph I not only found a way to better myself, but I also found a way to augment my income. Which is just amazing.

How do you establish a good relationship with your employer? Well, language choice is really important. You really have to nitpick what to say and what not to say. I learned this the hard way when an employer called me out for being rude and disrespectful. So, with Mariah, I was really careful with my> words. It's just so difficult to convey tone in text, so my advice for jobseekers is that you should know the line between boss and friend. Besides that, you also need to submit outputs on time, and always ask how you can improve your work.

Arlo Polestico

“Because I am working home based, life is different. I get to bathe my son, play with him, sing some Nursery Rhymes, read books, bring him to school, and even teach him good manners.


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“Onlinejobs.ph helped me create the freedom and the extra flexibility I needed in order to pursue my dreams. And continue business, without sacrificing my education.”


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“I guarantee you guys that this is a legit website, I found my writing job here. However, you need perseverance in applying. It took me almost a year to find the perfect employer. It was worth it .”

Esther Maris

“Just posted my resume online, someone called me thru onlinejobs.ph, and now I am on my 8th month as a web designer, working at home, Thanks you very much onlinejobs.ph!!!”

Rommel Bagtas

“Thank you onlinejobs.ph. After a month of searching for a homebased work, I finally found the perfect employer. We really get along with each other, thinking that this is my first VA job. Keep up the good work onlinejobs.ph! ”

Nowie Laurio-Moreno

"Try and try until you succeed", the saying which turned out my best friend, my strength and the reason why I was hired. Way back December 2013, I created my Onlinejobs.ph account. At that time, I was hesitant to pursue on searching jobs because of the fact that I don't have any working experience yet. Also, I don't have the courage to speak to foreign people especially on the application process, the interview (the video call). I saw my proof ID increased and had lot of views from the Employers, I eventually searched for the jobs that I thought would be a good fit for me as an Information Technology graduate. I got some replies but due to the lack of stable internet connection and the resources, I wasn't able to respond to them immediately. One time, I supposed to be interviewed using Skype video call but wasn't able to attend to it because of pocket wifi's slow data connection. I know on that moment I screwed the chance of getting the job. So what I did, I just keep on sending application letters to other Employers... been rejected, wasn't entertained well and been "seen zoned" even on the scenario that they're the one who reached out to me first. Then last year 2015 (2 years after), an Employer saw my profile and scheduled me for an interview. I was glad that the interview went well and it was just a chat interview. He then hired me on the spot and I started working to them after 3 days. It was such a nice feeling that you once dreamed of a life changing things and now you got it! It's just right in the palm of your hand. I'm blessed to be part of my boss' team and got the chance to share my blessings to my family. Now, I am 7 months and counting working with my boss as VA.

I shared to my friends what Onlinejobs did to my life and how grateful I am.. recently, I got 2 friends who were hired through your site, Onlinejobs.ph. Like me, they keep on sending their applications until they got the slots. To everyone, I know it's not easy to apply for a job but I know if everyone have the courage and perseverance to get a job we might downgrade the probability or the percentage of unemployment here in the Philippines. Keep pursuing your dreams! Keep sending applications until the right Employer comes along. :)

Kudos to Onlinejobs.ph! You're indeed a great help to all Filipino workers. A thank you wouldn't be enough but still THANK YOU for making our dreams turn to reality. Keep the jobs coming guys!

Sheena Mae Roche Ypil

“When I was working on Onlinejobs.ph, on my online work, I was also going to school and my employer was aware of it and it's okay with her.”


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“When you are working at home, there are so many advantages. You don't have to talk to a lot of people, like in my case, are all available on online chat. And the best part is there is no traffic!”


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“Thank you onlinejobs.ph. Iv'e been working since 2014, your site is such a big help (financially) specially in coping up needs for my two kids. I found the best employer here both part-time and full time.”

Melanie Alcesto Achas

“Best place! It took time and effort but i'm proud to say after 65 resumes sent and 4 interviews...I am HIRED for a job I truly love and it is geared toward my 4 year degree i have. I LOVE onlinejobs.ph Best of the best and LEGIT!!!”

Cassandra Grace Gorre

“Thank you Onlinejobs.ph. I found my employer here. I get to do my work and as the same time, take care of my kid!”

Mai Tan

I would like to thank you for the wonderful full time online job I have now. I applied last Oct. 5, 2015 on a job posting in your site seeking Media Production Assistant for Las Vegas Media Company. Luckily I passed the test task and since November 2015 up to March 2016 I was a regular part time member of our team. I worked as a full time Senior Loan Officer in a Lending Company before and decided to resign so that I can focus on the trainings I need. I am now a full-time Assistant to the Producers/ VA for a Las Vegas Media Company since April 1, 2016 and is now training for a Team Leader position. My bosses were very kind and they always want the best for me to grow personally and professionally. I have more time now with my family for a having a flexible schedule. This is truly an answered prayer for me.

I will always be grateful to Onlinejobs.ph because all of these started when I subscribed to your site. Thank you and more power!

All the best!

Annabel de Lara

“Working from home, I can say it is less stress. Holidays are YOURS, you can decide when to work. This is really a big difference. I got to pick up and bring my kids to school, I get to play with my kids, unlike in a BPO, you definitely can't do that.


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“The beauty of an online job is you have no commute, and your wages are high since the ones paying you are from another country. You will also have exposure since your projects will be seen all over the world.”


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“For almost 3 years of working with foreign employers, even now, I do believe OnlineJobs.ph creates more opportunities to the jobless Filipinos.. Only if you’re in this world, you should be a hardworker and accurate on your task. That’s why we need to be competent.”

Juls Ganzon Francisco

“I was an unfortunate lad who had bad luck from finishing school. But that was years ago. Right now, with a nice job at my back thanks to OJ, I am just waiting for an approval of my PAG-IBIG house loan. Please pray for me OnlineJobs.ph”

Oni Quisumbing

“Still with my Canadian Employer who found me through OnlineJobs.ph. The pay is good because no 3rd party deducts my salary, and best of all, I am communicating directly with my client. I can finally balance motherhood and career, not to mention financial security. Thank you OnlineJobs.ph for saving me!”

Kriselle Jhean Tabalanza

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