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For workers

Proof For Getting Paid

Automatic Time Tracking

Automatic Reporting

Automatic Screenshots

Automatic Proof

For employers

Tracks Employee Time

See Screenshots Of Work Time

Nothing to download

No Guesswork or "Hunches"

Automatic Proof

Step 1: Invite Workers To TimeProof

Enter worker email addresses.
We'll invite them to download and use TimeProof for you.

Step 2: Workers Download TimeProof Client

Only Workers download and install the TimeProof App.
Employers view reporting data on their my account page.

Step 3: Workers Login and Start Working

Workers login to the TimeProof app using their account. What could be easier?

Step 4: Sleep Better

Time and screenshots are automatically loaded into your account. Both employer and worker sleep better having proof of the work that's being done.

Easy to Install. Always FREE to use.
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